Since 1992, Ace Suares facilitates the use of Internet communication by the non-profit sector by offering technical facilities, such as email services, mailing lists, domain names, webhosting and databases. Besides, software is developed, prioritizing easy self-management of Internet facilities by organisations. At present, product development, sales and customer support take place in allocated action with other small firms.

Product info Europe:
Jan Veuger Internet Services

Sales of Suares' products. Interface design and development of manuals, as well as maintenance of support sites. >>>
Customer support:
Suares Support Pages

The joint support site for customers of Suares & Co, Jan Veuger Internet Services and Kuki & Co. >>>

Product info Caribbean:
Kuki & Ko

Sales of Suares' products in the Caribbean. Specialised in web design for the cms QwikZite and workshops for QwikZite users. >>>

Custom made products:
Suares & Co Open Source Solutions

Specialised in database-driven internet applications and GNU/Linux applications in networks. Software development and server maintenance. >>>

Product info cms QwikZite:

Sales and demo site of QwikZite, a Content Management System (CMS) for quick and efficient website maintenance, developed by Ace Suares and Jan Veuger. >>>

For general information: support@suares.nl

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